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Our Mission

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The mission of The Sobotka Group is to provide cost-effective and reliable technical, operational, managerial, and information systems assistance to healthcare providers.

We will help your healthcare organization:

  • Make sense of information technology
  • Spend your information technology dollars wisely
  • Increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your computer systems

We promise to:

  • Listen and understand your issues and concerns.
  • Develop a plan that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Implement practical technology solutions that you feel comfortable with, know how to use, and that fit the specific needs of your organization.

Who We Are
The Sobotka Group is owned and managed by Jeff Sobotka, a skilled professional with 13 years of information technology, online services, and healthcare management experience. The company also has at its disposal a core of experts in strategic operations consulting, e-healthcare consulting, network design and implementation, telecommunication consulting, system integration, PC and Mac technical support, and Web development and design. The Sobotka Group puts together the right team of technology professionals to meet each client's
specific needs.

What We Do
The Sobotka Group provides professional technical consulting and support services to small to mid-sized healthcare organizations when you need them, at reasonable hourly fees. The Sobotka Group is focused exclusively on helping healthcare organizations use technology wisely and cost effectively. We believe technology should simplify, not complicate, your life. The Sobotka Group excels at turning problem computers into productive tools, and implementing new technology seamlessly into your organization.

We can help you determine:

  • The best technology vendors for your organization.
  • The most functional and cost-effective information technology solutions.
  • How to implement new technology in an non-stressful and non-time
    consuming way.
  • How to learn new systems and make the best use of technology.
  • How to revise practice patterns and workflow without causing more problems than you are solving.

How We Work
The Sobotka Group provides operational and technical consulting on an hourly or project basis, depending on your needs. Rates are by the hour plus any cabling, hardware, or software components required. We don’t charge for travel or have minimum hourly charges.


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